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Welcome to Cover Songs Wiki—and a thanks to the folks here at Miraheze for allowing this wiki!

Wikipedia song articles (as worthy as they are) allow mentions only of song covers they consider notable. CSW doesn't.

Cover Songs Wiki allows all covers enjoyed by the editors (and maybe more). Indeed, if an editor likes a song, it needn't be notable itself. (Maybe "Draft:" namespace for a song without covers yet, and "Musicians:" for musicians).

This wiki also allows mentions of heavy samples, mashes, unique versions by the same musicians, and songs that sound very similar to others.

This wiki will be allowed other stuff: to be determined later.

As this wiki is the second wiki the bureaucrat of this wiki is a bureaucrat of (outside of a personal non-internet wiki), wikt:thon isn't too hip about computers or the internet, and this wiki has just begun, it will probably be a work in progress, including this page.

Please keep this in mind if you're thinking "OMG!! This wiki is perfect!"—unlikely, but this caveat is still worth mentioning, as this wiki will likely change.

For questions, you can try The Studio or the den.

First 4 songs: Angel (Jimi Hendrix song)‎, The Wind Cries Mary, Panic in Detroit, Gloria (Umberto Tozzi song), and Peg.

also: Fun:Women sing songs by men, that are (or were) probably male POV, without changing the gender-specific pronouns, Fun:Song(s) for the dekaday, and Fun:Songs listened to (and enjoyed) ≥ 10x in the past ≤ 10 days

and: Category:Music